Death, taxes, and my PCP telling me to cut down on salt. These three constants occur like clockwork. The third is nearly impossible when my sodium reduction kryptonite comes in the oven baked goodness known as the pretzel.

Like ice cream, pretzels come in both hard and soft form. While I've never latched on to the house of carbs chewy version, I'm an admitted snob when it comes to the others. For example, the pretzels in Cheeze-Its are just there for show, and should be picked out before consumption. Also, salt less pretzels make as much sense as fat free Doritos.

Today is National Pretzel Day. Yes, there are power rankings. What are yours?

1. Bachman Flame Baked Butter Twist

2. UTZ Dark

3. CVS Rods (no joke, try them)

4. 365 Brand Nuggets

5. Snyders Pumpernickel

Avoid:  Rold Gold, saltless, generic brand at Big Lots.

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