Oh what a blast from the past. If you are old enough to remember when Coca Cola made a bold move back in 1985 and introduced NEW Coke...you would also remember the backlash that came along with it...it only lasted on store shelves 79 days before the company pulled it and changed things back to the OLD Coke due to the public outcry.

Well, if you wait long enough everything comes around again...including New Coke! As seen on Coca Cola's YouTube feed they will be reviving New Coke for a brief comeback as part of  Netflix’s Stranger Things. Apparently Season 3 will include New Coke in few select episodes...don't you just love marketing?!?!?

Expect about 500,000 cans of New Coke to be made available to the public. If you never had the chance to try it before, or if you want to remember why they changed it back, you will have the chance to buy it online as part of a package at CokeStore.com/1985.

Enjoy, or not!

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