According to the villiagesoup, there is a new drive-in in town, the town of Rockport that is. 40 West St., just off of Route 1 is where you will find the brand new Shotwell Drive-in. The screen has only been up a little over a week, all thanks to the Points North Institute and the Camden International Film Festival. Apparently the town is leasing the land to the organization for free.

Several volunteers were involved in getting the drive-in up and ready to screen movies. there is a distinct coastal feel with lobster traps and a light house shaped projection house. When you look at the screen itself, the back is held up and in place by 12 forty foot telephone poles. Those in the know say it should withstand up to 100 mile an hour winds. Comforting to know that the drive in will remain standing while everything around it will blow away. The whole project from start to finish took a little over two weeks and all done by just 3 or 4 people.

Saturday night was the grand opening night for the general public, and it was sold out. Everyone enjoyed the classic "Stand By Me"

CLICK HERE for more information and a schedule.

Here are some other Drive-ins that are in our neck of the woods and open.

If you are up for a road trip Maine has several other drive-ins to put on your list to check out in Bridgton, Madawaska, Saco , and Westbrook. It could be your very own "drive-in trial."

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