You may or may not know there are no Red Lobsters in Maine. There used to be but not anymore. Why would go to Red Lobster in Maine when you can go down the corner and buy fresh lobster a lot cheaper.

However, they are quite popular with my family in Florida. My parents, kids and grandkids love the place. Whenever in Florida, we always go there for dinner. I never say anything about the better deal we get in Maine; I just let them enjoy their meal.

Turns out Red Lobster is becoming the top choice restaurant for the 18 to 24 year old crowd. The company CEO says it’s kind of strange that because they have never marketed to that age group. One reason may be Red Lobster is mentioned in a Beyonce song. The song is ‘Formation’.

The lyrics are graphic so if you're going to look it up use caution.

If lobster is your thing, be sure to join me tomorrow (6/21/16) at the Point Afta in Winslow.  The outdoor deck is open!  Twin Lobster special going on while I broadcast LIVE starting at 6pm.


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