The 1st Annual Parafest took place this past weekend in Vasselboro and was a huge success for organizers. One of the participants was well-known physic medium Eddita Felt.  Eddita has been studying and working as a psychic medium for forty years. Eddita is not only a shamanic and reiki healer, she is also a trained intuitive clairaudient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient. Eddita has conducted paranormal investigations across Maine including the Lakewood Theater in Madison and the Roller World in Topsham as well as many private residences.

I first met Eddita more than four years ago when, on a whim, I attended a psychic fair in Westsbrook. I went in looking to be entertained and signed up for a medium reading with Eddita under a false name. Within a few minutes I was sitting with Eddita and the first words she said were "I see the color Brown around you"  I was a little taken aback as my last name is Brown. She then proceeded to bring forth my grandmother, mother and father who have all passed. I was moved and shaken and a believer in her abilities.

This Thursday morning Eddita Felt will be in the Beehive doing a gallery reading for Randy, Sarah, Andy and myself and a surprise four-legged friend. You can follow Eddita on her Youtube Channel, her website or via Facebook at Frontiers of the Mind 

Eddita is currently working on her book Real Maine Ghosts, Real Maine People


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