Who doesn't like the convenience of using Alexa to get things done...like listening to the song you want at the moment, or even to have something looked up online. Although I guess I should consider myself lucky that the dogs haven't figured out how to use Alexa yet. But, a word of caution, that may be changing as reports come in about Rocco the parrot.

Rocco has learned how to used the house Amazon Dot and summons Alexa. Apparently they talk back n forth to each other all day. Rocco has also ordered watermelon, strawberries, light bulbs, ice cream and even a kite!

Rocco was re-homed from a bird sanctuary since he has a potty mouth and staff feared he would upset visitors.

Apparently Rocco's care takers have to check the shopping list daily to see what he has ordered while they are away. He also seems to have infatuation with songs by the band "Kings of Leon". You can take a look at Rocco and read more about his adventures HERE.

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