This is sooooo 2020!

According to WGME, police are warning people to be cautious after a rabid bat was found in a Lewiston home over the weekend.

The owner of the home, located near Kensington Terrace, found the bat and contacted animal control.

The bat was tested and it was confirmed to have had rabies.

Police are urging the public to use extra caution around wild animals.  This is especially true if the animals are acting strange.

According to the American Humane Society, rabies can affect any warm-blooded animal.  In other words, any animal that gives birth to live young and gives milk to their young.  While it is normally contracted through a bite, there is a chance that transmission can occur through a scratch.

The disease is almost always fatal.  Symptoms include a change in animal behavior (extra aggressive or oddly friendly) and sensitivity to light.  Just prior to death, the animal may begin salivating uncontrollably.  As the paralysis progresses, the animal eventually goes into respiratory failure and dies.

For more information, or to inquire about testing, call the Maine Centers For Disease Control at 800.821.5821.

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