It was the final game of the BCS era: #1 Florida State took on #2 Auburn for the National Championship. Next year, the BCS will be out and a playoff system will be in. The top 4 teams, according to the season final rankings, will determine the top four teams for the playoffs. The number one seed will play number four and number two will play number three, in most cases.

To pick the four top teams, a CFP committee was made of a diverse group including Archie Manning, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, five athletic directors, former coaches, student athletes, administrators and journalists. Human polls and computer rankings will no longer count, the committee will pick the top four by strength of schedule, conference championship won, head-to-head competitions and other factors like injuries.

In the final BCS Championship game last night #1 Florida State beat #2 Auburn 34-31. Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston threw for 237 yards and threw the winning 2 yard touchdown with 13 seconds remaining. Florida State used a fake punt in the first half to preserve a touchdown drive.