Do you ever hear a story, and the minute you hear it, it gives you the chills?

A story that is so sweet, heartfelt, and genuine that it should be made into a movie. Well, this, my friend, is one of those stories.

According to WGME, a group of kindhearted kids ranging in age from 11-14 years old from Millville, Massachusettes, is making a difference in the lives of so many of their neighbors. Even though the group does have a girl whose name is Lilly, they refer to themselves as the "Bazeley Boyz."

It all started a few weeks back when it snowed, and two of the boys gather up snow shovels and headed out in hopes of helping a few of their elderly neighbors. And, now, helping those few neighbors has now turned into something much more special. Whenever snow flys the "Bazeley Boys" grab ice melt and as many shovels as they'll need and get straight to work.

Together they have shoveled more than 30 driveways and have never asked for a cent in return. They truly just want to help. They do, however, accept tips and compliments—any money they make from helping goes to supplies so they can help more and more neighbors. And any money left over after purchasing supplies is being put aside and will be used towards rebuilding their fort.

Sadly someone vandalized the fort that they worked so hard to build. Even though this left the group of 6 sad, it hasn't stopped them from being kind to others and spreading cheer. With help and support from the community, they hope to have their new fort finished by this spring.

I am thankful for this group of youngsters' dedication to their neighbors, and I can't think of a group more deserving of a new fort. So, thank you to Garrett, Lilly, Joel, Evan, Trenton, and Cole for giving us a reason to smile today!

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