Walt Disney World's reopening has made me rather nostalgic.  I'll admit, the first time I went to Disney World was when I went with my wife to pick her son up from the college program.  We picked him up and it was incredibly hot, which happens in Florida in May.  I even bought a straw hat to help keep me cool, not really but I told myself it did.
We dutifully walked several miles (translated around 10) daily while my step-son showed us around and introduced us to his friends.  I came to love frozen lemonades and the Hall of Presidents.  The Hall of Presidents is an excellent place to hang out, enjoy the attraction, take a nap, AND thankfully cool off.
My step-daughter decided she had one thing on her bucket list she needed to do.  It is a really good thing she did it on this trip because the attraction is no longer at Hollywood Studios.  The attraction was called the Back Lot Tour and the one thing she had to do was be an extra on the set of a boat being shelled.
We dressed up in the necessary wet gear, because even though it was warm, we would have gotten soaked without the gear.  The cast members gave us some instructions, like look scared and run around confused.  That sounded pretty easy to me.
Long story short, we got to be extras, we got to act, we got soaked and the kiddo crossed something off of her bucket list.  A good time was had by all!
With things as they are with Covid-19 there's no telling the next time I'll make it to Disney, but I always have the memories.
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