According to, a set of siblings in Richmond have an inseparable bond and a common love of sports that sets them aside from most siblings. Starting pee wee soccer at just 3 and 4 years old, you could almost say the love of sports is in Max and Lila's DNA.

Both Lila and Max have fully dedicated themselves as multi-season sports stars, from baseball and softball to soccer and even basketball. If the season has a sport, they are involved.

Max a junior at Richmond High School, and Lila a sophomore and, even though the two love sports and attended the same school, this is the first year they are both able to wear Richmond gear. However, during the pandemic, the Viselli's found the time and passion for still training. Max and Lila would compete again one another to keep their skills sharp.

The sibling bond between the Viselli's is something that many people want, and very few actually have.

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