I had the time of my life with our new B98.5 app during a recent flight.  The app gave me something to read while in the air and I got to listen to Randy McCoy and his beyond hilarious jokes (maybe a hint of sarcasm, but I won't admit it) he tells during the Morning Buzz.  But, there is this one feature...I may have gotten out of control with.

I had too much fun with the Submit Photo/Video feature.  This is a perfect option if you are out and about and see something we should know about, you can submit it right through the app.  Very handy and helps us out here at the Bee.  Unless, of course, if it falls into the wrong hands...like...let's say...ME!

Plane 1
plane 2
Plane 4

Try it out...keep it clean...send me your goofy picture using the B98.5 app feature!!  You may see it online.

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