I, honestly, have never explored Bangor.  I usually go there for one purpose (concerts) and go home.  But, this weekend, I had to take my son to a class...so I explored while I was waiting for him.  

One thing I always notice about Bangor when I go...the sun NEVER shines there.  Or at least when I go.  Every time I've gone to Bangor...it's gloomy.  Yes, I get it's winter...but the sun shined everywhere else.

I finally got to see Stephen King's house.  It was pretty anti-climatic.  Like...oh look...there it is.

Stephen King's House

I finally got to eat at Chick-Fil-A!!  That was my highlight of visiting Bangor.


We also visited the Bangor Mall (If your interested, Pac Sun is closing at the Mall and everything is 70%-90% off...I have teenagers who love that store).  While there, my husband and daughter had a little race on motorized stuffed animals (Only in Bangor, I guess)

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