This has been the longest 8 days of my life.  I was so happy to hear my phone ring, yesterday, and see my son's name show up on the caller id.  (Yes, he's allowed to use his own cellphone).  My wait time between now and the next call will be much longer.  But hearing his voice was the like a breath of fresh air.

The call lasted less than a minute.  I ugly cried.  The purpose of the call was to let me know that he was crossing over from the reception phase to actual basic combat training.  This is when the fun, truly, begins.  He wasn't able to tell me much.  Had to keep it brief.  But he said he was GREAT and his voice confirmed that.  Huge relief for this mama bear.

There is a Facebook page where they post pictures.  This is the first one posted.  ECHO 1/79 learning movements.  Look closely...someone is not in order!

Courtesy of Facebook

Now...I plan for graduation.  August 31st can't get here soon enough.  Never in my life have I wished summer away.

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