It's that time of year again, The Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center is getting ready for its upcoming 11th annual One in Five 5k. Just like last year, the One in Five 5k will be held both in-person and virtual, giving those who choose to join in from a distance the option to do so. It will take place at 9 am on Sunday, April 24th, at First Park in Oakland.

The registration fee $15 for youth ages 17 and a $30 fee for those 18+. The first 200 participants to sign up will get a race shirt and those who raise more than $100 will also be rewarded. All funds raised will go directly to helping victims of sexual assault

If you're unfamiliar with the Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center, it's a place for anyone who has been through the trauma of sexual assault and or a crisis. It a respite where they can get the much-needed support, guidance, and education that is needed to fight physical and emotional battles.

If you or someone you know is in a crisis and needs a safe place, please reach out to the Sexual Assault Crisis & Support Center, either by text or phone at 1-800-871-7741.

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