There are many things I would love to check off on my Bucket List. Most are trips to different countries to see major landmarks like the Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge and the Great Wall of China.

But some are things to challenge myself.

When I heard about the Perry, Fitts, Boulette & Fitton (PFBF) Half Marathon, I thought, THIS would be the perfect opportunity to check SOMETHING off my list! Not only will it help my Bucket List, but it also helps Special Olympics Maine!

I can run all I want. I have a schedule of how many miles to run everyday to get ready for the race. However, a key to being able to "Go The Distance" is being physically fit. That means you need the strength and the muscle.

Anytime Fitness of Augusta and Fairfield are going to help me get the muscle, strength and stamina I need! Last week, I had an assessment of my body and weight and fitness. They gave me a strength test that included pushups, leg presses and my fastest mile. My body fat percentage was 26.70%. My goal is 20% and my average mile goal is 10 minutes.

I can do this!

And with the knowledgeable staff and trainers there, I feel I can!

Please join me in my journey to not only complete this half marathon but to also be healthy. Heaven knows with 3 active kids in my life I need the stamina to keep up with them!

They are also having a 5K that day if you want to start off slow! JOIN HERE!