We have been watching American Ninja Warrior for three seasons now. Each year, we see the men and women vying for their chance to defeat Mount Midoriyama. There are contestants from all walks of life: mailmen, rock climbers, schoolteachers, doctors.

Each evening we all watch it together, all three kids, Bradley, Anderson and Jayden, all say "Daddy can do that!" And Chad smiles. They continuously ask him if he will try out for the show and finally, yesterday morning, he had to give in.

There is so much that goes into training for the show. The obstacles they come up with each year are tougher than the last and don't forget the Warped Wall. You use your entire body and if you don't have the stamina, well, you won't make it.

So Chad and the kids went out into the woods and decided to try some things out. He loves fitness, working out and lifting weights so making the world his playground seemed the natural thing to do. The kids were excited to see him do these feats and also they got to use the video camera. When they returned home they worked on a small video. And this is what they came up with!

Now, he knows his training has a long way to go. Heck, we may even have to build a Warped Wall in our back yard! But everyone starts somewhere! Something tells me in the next few months it's going to get very adventurous around our house...

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