How is Summer winding down and coming to an end? Where did these past few months go? Somehow even though the whole world is in a pandemic, it seems that we haven't had the extra time to enjoy the beautiful land where we live.

Last night we changed that and took to the woods for a nice sunset walk to the water. The kids and I enjoyed climbing trees and running around with the 5th member of our family, our sweet dog, Brandi. My husband Stephen had a whole other plan; you know the ones that have to do with the fast-approaching hunting season.



The weather was perfect, and the company was top-notch. There will never be anything better than quality family time, but getting to have the ideal temperature, my family, and the view made for the perfect trifecta.

What is your favorite thing to do during the Summer? You know, that one thing you miss as soon as Summer comes to an end?

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