You know that old the fine print? Well, it's true and it paid off for a Florida woman who is now ten grand richer!

According to CBS news, a St. Petersburg Florida travel insurance company named Squaremouth began printing a special paragraph in the fine print of the policy documentation for all of their travel insurance policy they sold.

There was a section titled “Pays to Read” that was in between all the legal terms on page 7 of the almost 4,000-word document. It read, “In an effort to highlight the importance of reviewing policy documents, we launched Pays to Read, a contest that rewards the individual who reads their policy information from start to finish. If you are reading this within the contest period … and are the first to contact us, you may be awarded the Pays to Read contest Grand Prize of ten thousand dollars.”

The funny thing is Squaremouth planned to run the contest for an entire year, thinking it was extremely unlikely that anyone would notice or read the section. But it didn't take long, the very next day actually, high school teacher Donelan Andrews said she always reads the terms, whether it’s a software user agreement or a travel insurance policy, saw the message.

The policy listed an email address to contact to claim the prize, and Andrews did just that, she reached out right away. She got a call back the next day to let her know she’d won the $10,000. Andrews, who is soon to retire, said she plans to use the prize money to fund a trip to Scotland for her 35th wedding anniversary.

See, it's pays to read the fine print!

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