Over the long weekend, my daughters and I spent quite a bit of time hanging out at the Windsor Fair.  Much of that time was spent inside our radio station booth.

This year, our booth was located inside a small pavilion that was just inside the main gate.  The floor of the pavilion was a concrete slab and it was adjacent to a nice grassy area.  However, there was a strip of gravel between the pavilion and the grass.  Most likely to allow for drainage when it rained.

My daughter Annie was sitting in the grass, digging through the gravel, when she started yelling that she found a floating rock.

Even though I thought she was messing with us, I still walked over to see what she was talking about.

Sure enough, there was a pebble floating just above the ground.

Take a look:

So, what caused this strange phenomena?

Believe it or not, a spider caused the rock to float.  Yes, a SPIDER!

The pavilion we were using was home to quite a few spiders and, apparently, one of them was in the process of spinning a web.  Some of the silk from the web came down to the ground and stuck to this small rock.  When the silk was pulled back up, it lifted the rock off the ground.

If all you did was wave your hand under the rock, you'd never notice it.  It was not until I waved my hand above the rock, and it touched the silk (making the rock move) that I figured out what was going on..

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