Laura and her team at The Red Barn in Augusta are always up to something.  They always seem to have something new in the works.  During the height of the pandemic, Laura opened a second Red Barn location on State Street in Augusta.  Much more recently, she launched a food truck.

For various reasons, she has, for the most part, alternated between having the two brick-n-mortar Red Barn locations open.  For several months, the original Red Bar - the one on Riverside Drive in Augusta - has been closed.  We've learned that the re-opening date of that location is on the horizon.

In a post on the restaurant's Facebook page, and on the restaurant's marquis, they have announced that the Riverside Drive location will reopen on Thursday, May 5th.

In order to prepare for the relaunch of the Riverside Drive location, the State Street location will be closing.  Additionally, Laura noted that, due to the cost of some food products and supply chain issues, the menu will probably be a little different when the Riverside Drive location reopens.

The post says, in part:

We will open with a limited menu to start. Seafood stew ingredients are not only impossible to get, but are cost prohibitive with all that is going on. I want to make sure every single meal is exactly as it was in 1977. Consistency, however, is costly with the prices doubling and even tripling. This will be challenging to say the least. We are all feeling the effects and hope it gets better soon..which is doubtful I am afraid. We have never had such challenges and we will pivot as well as we can. Keeping my team employed and intact has (and always will be) my primary concern. Love,Laura

Get more details and check out the world famous restaurant's menu on their website.

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