The 4th Of July forecast is a little iffy in places. So, if you find yourself with a few indoor hours, Netflix has a list of items which are headed to the streaming service this long weekend. Here are some of the highlights:

movie 3

1. Titanic - (insert the not funny "you know how it ends" joke) This works, especially if you're still repping the double VHS box.

movie 2

2. Punch-Drunk LoveAdam Sandler's first stab at serious acting wasn't a financial blockbuster (Man child antics and silly voices sell better). One of his top 3 roles.

movie 4

3. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial - If you've never, you must. You don't want to be Un-American this weekend,do you.

movie 1

4. Police Academy - Grow up in the 80's? Embrace your inner middle schooler by flashing back to the days when B98.5 guest alum Michael Wilson (and his noises) were comedy gold.

movie 5

5. Are We There Yet?Ice Cube has long settled into Hollywood cruise control, aka family comedy. This one will help the entire family enjoy a long afternoon.





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