It is one of the hardest things any human being could go through. Domestic abuse is a tragic disgusting thing any woman or man could be a victim of. Well a Portland movie company is offering their services for free to anyone going through a domestic abuse situation.

Local Muscle Moving Co. announced their Move Out, Move Forward program. All of their movers are going through training to better understand the situation the people are going through.

In their post they mentioned how to get ahold of their services.

If you are in need of moving assistance of this nature, please contact Through These Doors (207-874-1973) or SARSSM (1-800-871-7741), and they will determine how we can all work together to get you moving onto the next stage of life. Please do not contact LM directly for this type of assistance, as we do not have the resources or knowledge like TTD or SARSSM.

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