The coronavirus pandemic caused most indoor businesses and venues to close their doors, so in trade, most people here in Maine hit up any, and all, local trails as a way to just get out of the house. The excess of people trying to find something to do ended up clogging up trails which made it almost impossible to property socially distance.

Due to the health and safety of patrons Vaughn Woods and Historic Homestead which is also known as "Hobbit land", they had no other choice but to close their trails in late March and would remain closed until things got a little better.

According to the Vaughn Woods and Historic Homesteads website, the trails in Vaughn Woods have officially reopened as of July 15th. They stated this reopening will be a trial basis and hope that if the trails are too busy that you remember to stay socially distant. And maybe even have a back plan for another trail if the parking lot and trails are full.

If you plan on making a trip over to take in the gorgeous view of the stonework in "Hobbit Land" or just a friend walk with your four-legged friends, I recommend checking out their Covid-19 Notice HERE.


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