One of my favorite things to do in Maine is find local preserves that are off the beaten path. With the virus preventing some types of recreation and entertainment, this is an even better chance to explore the beautiful state of Maine.

Waldoboro, Maine may not be a destination for many (unless you're coming to Moody's Diner), but there is a beautiful place called Waldoboro Woods and it is very easy to locate - it's right on Route 1.
Waldoboro Woods is considered a town forest and it covers just over 63 acres.  Of special interest is the seven acre grove of hemlock trees.  These trees are between 100 and 200 years old and are impressive to see.  This grove of trees are very close to Route 1 and are a must see.
big tree
There is a marked trail that is 1.5 miles and it actually loops around (my favorite type of trail).  For those that want a longer walk, there is a trail that takes you past a large marsh all the way to the Old German Church located on Route 32 in Waldoboro.
Dogs are welcome here, so this makes the pooches happy as well.  The trail is wide and well marked and provides lots of places for Ozzy and Zelda to sniff.  It doesn't take long before you leave the noise of Route 1 behind and are engulfed in the dark comfort of this trail.
After a short or long hike, be sure to grab something to eat at one of the many local eateries that are just around the corner.
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