It is hard to believe that we are just a few weeks away from Thanksgiving.  For those who have not looked at a calendar recently, Thanksgiving will be on Thursday (duh) November 24th!

Unless you spend the holiday all by yourself, there is a pretty good chance that you will learn at least a few things at your family Thanksgiving celebration.  Sometimes, it's something good, like the proper way to throw a spiral during your family football game.  Sometimes, it is not so good, like the latest gross medical condition that your aunt is dealing with (what is a Goyder, anyway?).

Over the weekend, we held an early Thanksgiving Dinner in my house.  At that meal, I learned something kind of interesting - if you have sensitive skin, you could get a really nasty rash from...  wait for it.... SQUASH!

Yes, it is true.

According to, butternut squash can cause a red, itchy, dermatitis rash.

It appears that something in the species Cucurbita moschata, which includes butternut squash, Kentucky field pumpkin, and calabaza pumpkin, causes an allergic reaction in some people who come in contact with the inside of these vegetables.  Because these vegetables have thicker skin, people who handle them in the field, at the store, or around the house will not have an issue.  The only people who will have an issue with it are those who prepare the vegetable.

Scientists don't really know what causes the rash.  If you are concerned you might be susceptible to it, you are going to want to wear gloves when you cut and prepare squash.

Alternatively, you could just make another member of your family, like your older kids, make the squash.  or, you could just go out for dinner.

Whatever you end up doing, have a great Thanksgiving Day!

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