It's 2017. We don't have time to sit through giant step-by-step guides. Sometimes we have to learn on the fly, or need a refresher on something we're revisiting. I get it, and have used YouTube for a number of "how to" moments, and I know I'm not alone. Yesterday, the question was posed of what B 98.5 listeners have learned on YouTube. The #1 answer was how to tie a tie, and a number of things involving glue were close behind.

Then, this happened.

It takes a village. #radio #townsquarelife

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At first, I thought "nude" and "pics" were part of his education. When asked to to repeat it slower, he went into how YouTube taught him how to neuter pigs. Later, he jumped in with how he was looking to sell 'em.

Another banner day on the radio.


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