Are you the person that updates family pictures every year, every season?  Or maybe you're the person that gets updated pictures every 5 to 10 years. I am right in the middle, maybe not every season but surely once a year.

Growing up when friends would ask to see pictures of me as a child, I didn't have any to show. Unfortunately at the young age of 5, our family home burnt down and so did all of our belongings. Because of this, I hold a mental attachment to taking pictures and having those memories to hold onto and show my kids as they grow.

For many many years, my husband and kids hated our year family pictures. My husband and kids have come to understand why I have these feelings and they really do understand. When I pull them out to look at now, everyone can't believe just how much we've all changed. But, I mean let's be real, they still hate the picture part.

That's where our family photographer comes into play. We use Carolyn from Blais Photography, she is the absolute BEST, and always works her magic. Somehow someway she always seems to gets my husband and kids to smile and at the same time might I add.

I always try to find a new location for our family pictures and the most recent location did not disappoint. Below you will find the results of our oceanside family photoshoot.


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