If you were driving through downtown Augusta on Monday night and happened to notice some strange activity around the Kennebec River, we now know what was going on.

According to an article in the KJ, a teenage driver drove his car into the river!  Fortunately, he and his passenger were able to escape.

The article explains that police were called about a motor vehicle crash that happened on Howard Street in Augusta.  Howard Street is the street leading to the East Side Boat Landing.  The call came in just after 6 PM on Monday evening.

When they arrived, they found that two people, the driver and passenger, had escaped from the vehicle through the windows.  The vehicle had drifted down river.  It ended up submerged in about 10 feet of water in the area near Memorial Bridge.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Because the investigation into what happened is ongoing, police did not say exactly what happened to cause the vehicle to go into the river.  However, they did say that 19 year old Saleh Omar Kharfan, of Augusta, had been summons for Driving To Endanger.

When we get more details, we will update the story...

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