Do you ever buy a variety box (or bag) of chips to have your kids pick and choose around the ones they don't like? ... Me too!

Welcome to parenthood, my friends; this is what it looks like. Or, this is what it looked like. With the ongoing pandemic, more of us are spending time at home, which means snack time and lunches are often served up at home, which in turn means making sure everyone has snacks they like.

Parenthood is about to get a whole lot cooler, according to, you can now personalize a variety pack of chips. Yep, if your child or children like only 2 types of chips, you can customize the box to satisfy their favorite flavors. Let's be real, though, chips aren't just for kids, like Trix cereal is. We as adults still love chips, and sometimes we sacrifice the type we like for our children's needs. No more, though, because with this personalized variety pack, you can also choose a flavor of chips.

If you're ready to make your life easier while deciding which snacks to buy, you customize a variety pack. You can do so at

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