It can be argued (actually, it has been argued) that pizza is the perfect food!  It has all the food groups: grain, dairy, protein / meat, and fruits / vegetables.  On top of that, if you hold a slice of pizza upright, it looks like the food pyramid.

One of the other great things about pizza is how varieties there are.  Not only when it comes to toppings, either.  Let's start with the crust...  Thick?  Thin?  Basil?  Pretzel? There's the sauce - do you like yours sweet or spicy?  What about how it's cooked?  Oven?  Wood fired oven?  Grilled?

You see what I mean...

That's why we wanted to know about your favorite pizza places in Central Maine!

Your Choices For The Best Pizza Places In Central Maine

Is your pick for the best pizza place in Central Maine on our list?

Some of the honorable mentions that did not make the list include:

-Fuller's Market in West Gardiner

-Pat's Pizza in Orono

-Madison House of Pizza

-Whipper's Pizza in Augusta

-The Portland Pie Company

Who else needs to be on this list?  Let us know by messaging us through our app or on Facebook.

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