I don't know about you but I LOVE avacados. Knowing they are good for me, makes them even better. But is there really too much of a good thing? Meet the "Avozilla"

avozilla 2

The latest evolution of avocados. The Avozilla avocado, which has had a very nice growing year average about 5 pounds, compared to the average 1/2 pound Hass avocado. Sometimes they can reach as large at 10 pounds! Now thats a lot of guac!

"The fruit is extremely rare and comes from just a relatively small number of trees grown by one of the world's biggest suppliers of avocados, in South Africa."

And while the Avozillas do look genetically modified to create such massive fruit, its actually just a simple cross-breed of the Guatemalan avocado and the larger, West Indian avocado.

The Daily Mail article explains:

"The Avozillas tend to grow in number every other year because the plant is depleted after bearing such large fruit. Last year they hardly had any but this year they had very good growing conditions and these two factors combined to help produce the largest fruit yet."

Personally, I just like the idea of only having to deal with one avocado to make the perfect party size portion of guac.

Here is a Youtube video that helps put into perspective just how big these are compared to your average avocado.

Currently, The brand "Avozilla" is owned by a family farm in South Africa, and they own the rights and farmers who grow the fruit must pay royalties. Currently, outside of South Africa, only one other approved grower is based in Australia. So, it looks like it could be some time before we see any of these big bad boys in the local Hannaford offerings.

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