I always prefer the traditional costumes, like a witch, bunny, devil or cat.  But, I also LOVE creative costumes that are put together with simple items around the house.  DIY is becoming a popular trend in our house.  If you are looking for some suggestions, consider these.

These were all discovered on Pinterest:

Wear all pink.  Glue a shoe to a headband and wear it on your head.  Can you guess what you are?  Gum stuck to the bottom or a shoe!

Wear all white and attach white blown up balloons all over you.  Can you guess what you are?  Bubbles

One year, I went as Cavity Sam (you know...the guy from the Operation Game).  Easiest costume ever and it won Best Costume.  I wore all white.  I used cardboard to draw the various parts and attached them to my outfit with velcro.  I held tongs and allowed people to 'operate' on me.  Clown nose to complete the costume.

Being a bum is probably the easiest...cheapest costume one can do.  Baggy clothes...tear some holes in them.  (Everyone has old clothes laying around)  With adult supervision, you can even burn the edges of the clothing to give it a more tattered look.  A little make-up to make your face dirty.  A bandanna and napsack to complete the look.

This year, my daughter is going as a crazy cat lady.  She probably has 20 stuffed cat animals.  I'm going to put a bathrobe on her and pin the cats to her.  BAM!  Crazy cat lady.

Don't let Halloween nickle and dime you!  Especially with the Holidays right around the corner.  Halloween can be fun without breaking the bank.

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