Today is the day to release your inner ‘Tree Hugger’ and love a tree!  Whether it be a special tree that you watched grow since you were a child or it’s just any random tree…love it today and everyday.  Here are some ways you can celebrate National Love a Tree Day!

You can plant a new tree!  Or 2!  Or 3!

Decorate it with a beautiful bird feeder.  We all love a lil bling in our life, so does a tree!

You can give it a big ‘ol kiss!

National Love A Tree Day
Chloe kissin' a tree on National Love a Tree Day 2010

You can hug it too!

National Love A Tree Day
Brianna huggin' a tree

Why not just go all out and dance with a tree!

National Love A Tree Day
Brianna dancin' with a tree

I know it’s hard to believe, but the trees need water too.  It feels like all it’s done is rain rain rain…but not enough to keep our forests and trees satisfied.  Love a tree today by watering it.

According to, here are a few reasons to love a tree today:

  • They show us how to age gracefully
  • Trees feed us, they give us pie!
  • Trees keep cities cool
  • They devour carbon dioxide
  • Likewise, they give us breath
  • And water
  • Click here for more reasons

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