The Office of the Maine State Fire Marshall is reminding the public that sky lanterns are illegal in the State of Maine.  With wedding season in full swing you might want to take this law into consideration before you release these lil fire starters.  According to the office: 

Sky lanterns (often known as floating, paper or Chinese lanterns) are made from thin paper stretched on a frame. A candle or other fuel source is held in a holder in the frame, and the burning fuel provides heat and lifts the lantern into the air. These lanterns are often used for weddings or memorials. However, they blow wherever the wind takes them and can cause fires if they land on something that is combustible. Maine law does not allow the use, sale or possession of sky lanterns in the state.

Screenshot from The Office of the Maine State Fire Marshall

Personally, I feel the same way about releasing balloons into the sky and have expressed my feeling towards this in the past.

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