Next time you are in downtown Augusta…stop and take a look around. Even if you never get to Downtown Augusta…stop down and take a look. You will be surprised…in a good way. Things are looking darn good. I was down there one day recently drinking my bubble tea and walking around. I did a few quick shots of some of the buildings. My photos are just a few of the things from my walk that day in Downtown Augusta. There are also a couple of other art murals on the Front Street side of downtown Augusta facing the waterfront. Market Square is a pleasant green space, the old Federal Building, Mill Park, the expansion and facelift to the Hartford Fire Station…I could go on and on.

Augusta was even on the list of the ten best places to live in Maine. Check out this story from Downeast Magazine. There are plenty of places to eat and so much more.  

If you are looking for a great place to get some good eats, take a stroll along the Kennebec River, have some bubble tea from Huiskamer Coffee House, or a vegan sweet potato burrito from Lisa’s Legit Burrito. Those are my go-to options since I usually end up in downtown for lunch. But so many options and some fun shopping too.

Downtown Augusta is looking good

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