There is nothing worse (obviously that's a little dramatic) than craving a certain type of food, just to find its no longer any good. Am I wrong?

Well that's exactly what happened to me last night. I had the worst craving ever and just wanted a big ol' slice of sweet and very juicy watermelon. Nothing better then juicy and juicy watermelon on the first really hot day of the year.

But the minute I sliced into the melon it was clearly rotten. What makes the whole thing worse, I had just purchased said watermelon the day before and even went I cut into it there was absolutely no sign that the inside would be yucky.

Such a bummer, right?   Yeah I thought so too!

My husband, who also wanted a piece of that delicious watermelon, didn't seem upset or phased by the fact it was rotten, in fact he was smiling. Ummmmm... Why? Well, he's a typical Maine man.  He had an alternative use for that watermelon.

I'll let this little video do the rest of the talking:



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