I recently welcomed a granddaughter into my world (not biologically, but still love her the same).  Recently, I was talking with Randy about how blessed Miss Kenna is to have sooooooo many grandparents and I started listing them all off by name.  That's when Randy started laughing.

Kenna has a very BIG blended family with several grandparents connected to her (biologically or otherwise).  She has:

Nema & Boppa
Nana & Papa
Grandma & Grandpa
Gigi & Bumpa (me and my hubby)

Aside from Grandma & Grandpa, Kenna has her work cut out for her on figuring out who's who.  Randy wonders how many names are there for grandparents...and what happened to traditional names.  I have a french side and a polish side with my grandparents.  So I called them: Babcia & Dzadiu and Memere & Pepere.

So what do you call your grandparents?  Or, what do your grandkids call you?  Comment below or on our Facebook

I can't resist.  Here's my beautiful G-Baby

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