A new fad has left me scratching my head...out of curiosity.  No, I don't have lice.  With school season right around the corner, this is the time where we should be taking precautions to prevent lice outbreaks in our schools and homes.  BUT, what I've been witnessing out in the community has me thinking people have lost their common sense.

First thing we tell our children, when it comes to lice prevention: DON'T WEAR OTHER PEOPLE'S HATS!

So what is everyone doing?  Trying on these crazy ugly fur animal heads that have popped up in EVERY Walmart.  No care in the world.  Not thinking or wondering 'who just had that on their head'.  I'm seeing selfie after selfie being posted on Facebook...and all I can do is chuckle to myself.

So...I figured...it's time to share the Lice Prevention & Treatment story again.  Click Here

Use your noggin folks!

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