Seems everywhere you turn lately there is talk of meatless meat. Red Robin is on-board, BK just announced recently it is going nationwide with its "Impossible Meatless Whopper" and now hot off the presses... Little Caesars Pizza is going to be offering a "Impossible Supreme Pizza" with sausage that is...yep, meatless but, tastes as good!

Fortune magazine is reporting that meat-free sausage is made of very similar ingredients to the company’s existing burger, but it’s removed the potato protein to give the sausage a more springy texture.

The plant based protein sausage is currently available as a pizza topping in: Yakima, WA, Albuquerque, NM, Ft. Myers, FL and Naples, FL. Of course expect that  if the initial roll out is successful, the sausage would most likely make it's way to Maine and beyond by the end of the year.

I just hope they don't go after bacon plant based bacon please!

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