I believe this 100% that the number of Lyme cases in Maine is much higher than we think. The story I was reading in the Sun Journal Lyme could be upwards of ten times higher than reported. Again...I am not shocked at all.  

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently said they believe the number of American's getting Lyme each year is about 400,000 and not the 35,000 to 40,000 that had been reported. 

Deer ticks are a big issue and Maine has the highest rate of Lyme in the United States. That means that two thousand or so cases in Maine in 2019 is really more like 20,000. 

If you are a Mainer, I am sure you know about tick-checks and how severe and dangerous Lyme and the other tick-borne illnesses can be. Some can even be deadly. 

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