Ever buy something new, and within the first fifteen minutes of use, it's broken?

Yeah? Same!

Over the weekend, we had a little family camping adventure in our backyard as we wrapped up Summer break. Family, friends, food, and the great outdoors, aka our backyard. It may have only been in our backyard, but it was perfect. We got the whole camping feel, yet we still had access to all the needed amenities.

While setting up camp, we decided our newest purchase, a screen tent, would be the first to be set up. After that was all said and done, we started on setting up our sleeping quarters. Now mind you, we have a dog so, she's been running in and around everyone and everything checking it all out.

Somehow, Brandi, our sweet loving, and brilliant dog, entered the open screen. Now at some point during Brandi's time in the screen tent, she made the rash decision to leave and as quickly as possible. So, instead of looking around for the open door like a super-smart dog would do, she bit a hole in the screen and jumped out. 

brani 1

As we discovered the new whole in our no longer "bug-free" screen tent, our son Logan laughed and said, "she just wanted a doggy door." Thankfully he said something witty because, if I didn't laugh, I probably would have cried.

I can't say I'm not mad, but my story made me laugh more than it genuinely made me angry, and that's me looking at the cup half full. Lol.

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