Starting September 19th, don't get caught driving with your phone in your hand or else you could be fined a minimum of $50 and up to $250 for repeat offenses here in the state of Maine.

Obviously being on your phone while driving is not smart. You think you're taking two seconds to look at a text and those two seconds could have life-changing consequences.

The new Maine law doesn't oppose using your phone hands-free though. Phones make this easy with Apple's Siri and Android's Google Assistant. Or Bixby for the 3 people that use it on Samsung.

You might be thinking that you tend to pick up your phone in order to use those feature or that it's incredibly tempting to see what that notification "ding" meant. "Did I get a text or did Sharon message me again to buy her over-priced health drink?" Admittedly, this had been a bad habit of mine.

The simple answer is a dash mount. But, here's the thing. I drive a small car. There's not a lot of dash space. Plus I hate having some big ugly plastic contraption suctioned to my windshield. I'm sure I'm not alone.

My solution is one I've been using for years and cost around $10 give or take a couple of bucks depending on where you buy it. I'm a BIG fan of Popsockets and can't imagine ever not having one. But did you know they also have Popsocket mounts?!

Bee Car

It fits perfectly in the center of my dash and doesn't take up a lot of space. It's placed in an area that doesn't obstruct my view out the windshield and small enough that it looks like it belongs. Plus, Popsocket also offers a version that clips to your vents! I can easily look down as if I'd be looking at my radio to see why my phone is going off and if it's worth answering (hands-free, of course!), or finding a safe place to pull over to investigate further.


I gotta tell ya, $10 is a heck of a lot more affordable than $50 and if you're like me you're already rocking the Popsocket so go get yourself a holder for your car! I'm currently on my 2nd one. I think the first one lasted about two years. They stick on very well and it's fairly easy to remove and replace if need be.

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