Being on hold can be incredibly annoying or strangely relaxing. For as long as I’m on hold I can’t field any other calls. I can’t stray far from my cell phone. I can’t mow a lawn but I can’t take a nap either. And that is the paradox of being on hold.

I enjoy the jazzy hold music I was listening to the other day. I like jazz. I’m not a fan of the repeating messages that say my call is important to them. Let’s face it. If it was that important to them I wouldn’t be on hold. Having that message repeat over and over again just continues to remind me of how unimportant my call is.

I read somewhere we are on hold over 40 days in our lifetime. Not hours but days. That’s a whole month of a vacation!  So maybe I need to figure out what I really should be doing on hold so my time is not wasted.

The dogs seem to think it’s a great time for me to let them out. Or in. Or both. Depending on their current needs and moods. I could start reading WAR AND PEACE every time I’m on hold. I’d be sure to finish it. The dishwasher always seems to need to be emptied. Nah. Relaxing with a cup of coffee or beer (depending on the time of day) seems a good option. Cooking is a great option for me as well. As long as I don’t make any mistakes with what I’m throwing together.

Whatever you do while on hold, whether is productive or not, please be kind to the person answering your call. They have already heard their company should hire more people. They also are acutely aware of how long you’ve been on hold and most are genuinely sorry for that. Be kind and patient as you expect them to be.

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