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McDonalds Rolling Back Prices To 1955
There is always something happening at McDonalds. I try to keep on top of all the great promotions but every now and again a few slip through the cracks. Take today for example, I just happen to check the McDonalds App and low and behold they have rolled out "Throwback Thursdays&qu…
Augusta Man Sentenced For Drug Trafficking
According to the Kennebec Journal, William Stephenson, 33, pleaded guilty to two Class B felony counts of trafficking in schedule W drugs, crack, and fentanyl.
Stephenson, is an Augusta man who was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison...
Save The Environment By Turning Off Your Cam
Turning the camera off in your video chats can actually help save the environment....now there is a regal idea.
According to an article on Studyfinds.org, researchers from MIT, Yale, and Purdue University say videoconferencing and streaming high-definition content greatly increases a person&apos…

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