This site, Dumb Laws, shows us some of the strangest actions considered illegal in the great State of Maine. I cannot attest to the truth or accuracy behind any of these laws, but some of these can also be found at Only In Your State; so there must be some truth if multiple sites on the internet say it's true, right?

Augusta has a law stating it is illegal to walk down the street while playing a violin.

Waterville, on the other hand, says it's illegal to blow your nose in public.

Portland has a law against using a feather duster to tickle under a woman's chin...

In Biddeford, it is illegal to ride a bike or skate of any kind on the sidewalks. This is punishable by a $10 fine!

Waterboro doesn't allow leashes for dogs that are longer than eight feet.

In Rumford, there must have been a problem with tenants and landlords that resulting in a law against biting your landlord.... I would consider biting assault, but either way, this is apparently a law.

On the upper portion of the Kennebec River it is illegal to clean salmon.

Apparently, it is also illegal to have holiday lights still up after January 14th. I have to add here this cannot be enforced strictly, as I've seen holiday lights way past January!

In Maine, it is illegal to jump out of an airplane once it is already in flight.

Lastly, one of my personal favorites, billboards are NOT allowed in Maine!

If you know of any other crazy laws around the state of Maine or can prove these ones are no longer true, let me know!

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Marcio Silva

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