Sometimes, men have the lamest ways of trying to pick up a woman.  Do you guys ever stop and think what's coming out of your mouth...or do ladies really fall for such B.S?  In any's some impressive ways guys 'try' to hit on women.

Blonde at Smoke Shop in Skowhegan
Hi your blonde very friendly.I'm looking to smoke you up. So let's meet up and smoke a bowl

Cute blond at the Dollar Tree in Skowhegan
You where with you're friend getting had a few facial piercings.i should have said hello when you where behind me at the check out .

Box of cereal throwing mom of 2 at Shaw's in Brunswick
You were with your two small children and I decided to throw a box of cereal I thought you were funny. Coffee?

Friendly's Waitress in Augusta
Thanks for the smile...and the occasional glance hope you have a great day! Hope you got the tip you deserved, if not I owe you.

I have never done this and this will likely NEVER work, however, why not give it a shot? I bumped into you this past Saturday at the WWE show in Augusta of all places. I was sitting in section 2 and you approached me just before the show, you were lost and wanted help finding your seat, which turned out to be in my row just a few seats down from me. You were by yourself, which was surprising, and seemed to enjoy the show. You were taking lots of pictures and videos, so I assume you were doing so for a child that couldn't make it. However, I thought you were beautiful and we already have one thing in common, we both enjoy wrestling. Click here to read more...

Baldish, facial air, ink on your arms at Walgreens in Augusta
I know this is a long shot but nothing to lose. Saw you at Walgreens this morning. You had a gray tank top on shorts bald-ish facial hair and ink on your arms. I have blonde hair and had a gray tank top on. If its you and you're single and interested please reply. Put the color skirt I was wearing in the subject line and tell me where we crossed paths in the store. I really wanted to approach you but I couldn't think of anything to say!! Hoping you see this!! If you have qwikmeet or kik send me the name you go by.

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