I'm a little late.  But better late than never, for this week's missed connections.  But, trust me, it's worth the delay.  From anger driven revenge...to Freddy Krueger...to a couple of committed people looking to cheat.  

Joci From Applebee's in Augusta...I've got to know how this one turns out!
I thought you were cute, I was there celebrating Fathers Day with family. Figured it was rude to ask you out during that. If you see this write back if your up for something.

Is this a missed connection or just plain 'ol revenge?
LL Bean Backpack in Waterville
It came in handy the other night, thanks!
And you should be thankful that everything in it went to a good cause, and could easily be replaced if you would smarten up.
But no, you think you have all the solutions, when all they do is get you into more trouble.
I could care less if I ever see you again, it's just a waste that somebody with so much potential makes really piss poor decisions.
You said you won't ever forgive me, for what? Get in line, I don't care about forgiveness and am man enough to take everything that is coming to me.
Giving a handful of second hand rags to Goodwill, after you had plenty of chances to get them back over a six month time?
You keep passing up on good chances, eventually they don't come around any more. I've seen too many girls like you end up in the gutter, but maybe that is where you belong...

Somebody tell this guy's girlfriend in Bath.  
I see you around often, you are stunning and I just dream of getting close to you, you are single and I'm not, but you occupy a lot of my day in my head. You are my little black haired beauty.

Bicycle Rider Anna from Brunswick...but in Bath
You biked into our neighborhood (and our consciousness) on the afternoon of Sunday, June 18th, as you pedaled some of the back roads of West Bath. You took a breather with us on Hill Road, and we talked of ticks and lunatics and biking routes, steep hills and winding roads without shoulders. My sweet fluffy mutt and I enjoyed our too-brief encounter, and we hope your two-wheeled adventures will take you this way again. Four paws up for our chance meeting that brought tail wags, smiles, and (hopefully) good directions for your safe return home.

Goodwill Hunt in Augusta...what is with people in relationships seeking out other people?
Friday afternoon
We made lots of eye contact but didn't get to talk. I was there with my partner. First saw you at the entrance and you gave an interested glance as you left the store
I remember what you were wearing. Describe what you had on so I know it's you. Or describe me.

Oh for the love of....even Freddy Krueger has a secret admirer
I can't help it. If this resonates with you, hit me up, I'd like to get to know you.

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