So, you can't make this stuff up.  This week's edition of missed connections is just leaving me speechless.  Promise yourself, you'll make it to the end.  

You're mom was on the bull at the Quarry Tap Room
Saw you there today, you had your mom with you? she got on the bull for a pic, I know you were checking me out, you were so hot in your black dress, loved your shoes. If by chance your looking, I certainly was.


I was on a blue motorcycle you were in a gray Pathfinder. You are absolutely stunning please tell me that you or someone you know will give you this message. I saw your smile and I definitely want to see it again. You have blonde hair and look amazing

Cumberland Farms in Bath
You were in line with me wearing a great dress and heels! We chatted a bit and I must say ur a very attractive and sexy women! Please tell me what we chatted about and what what I was wearing!!

I had sex with your husband a couple times. We were always really high. I knew he was married but I didn't care because he gave me shit. I just found out I'm pregnant and I always wanted another baby so I don't know how to tell you guys. He's in jail right now for robbing a bank to get more drugs but I know where you live cuz he took me there. I dunno if I should stop by or Facebook you or just post here than tell you after the baby's born?

AND MIC DROP!  You just can't follow this with anything else.


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