Oh, this is a fun week.  From zebra-striped dresses in Augusta to colorful leggings at Farmington Walmart (that really narrows down the possibilities when it comes to Walmart clientele)...this week's missed connections are fun...

Zebra striped-dress lady at Five Guys in Augusta
Ok, that dress looked amazing on you! Seriously! Seriously amazing! Speechless. You were with a young lady.

Angie A in Augusta
You used to work for Clearchannel in Augusta. You also worked for the L.L. Bean call center seasonally.
Please reply if you see this. Thanks

April from Lincare in Gardiner
Looking for Ariel that worked for Lincare out of Gardiner.

Farmington Walmart Diva in colorful leggings (Well, that narrows things down)
Saw u today in Walmart. Your wearing bright colored leggings.your a goddess. I'd love to talk.

Looking for specific hairdresser in Waterville
Hey, you said that you read missed connections...so hopefully you'll see this. It was 2pm... I was the quiet guy that didn't have an appointment. I've been thinking about our conversation and your smile.. You mentioned that you were going to silver street tavern tonight and that I should come. I'd love to.. Did you mean it? Great haircut btw!

Sandwich creator at Subway in Waterville
To the beautiful young lady that made my sandwich today...you have a great smile and I hope to see you again.

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